Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wholesales Policy

Quantity Wholesales Policy

  • Quantity requirement is 10 (ten) pieces of any design, style, size or color.
  • It has to be make in one order, and per order basis.
  • Wholesale Price excluding Postage.
  • Shipping Charges (postage) is according to parcel weight. We will quote it when we receive your order.
  • Wholesalers are not entitled for any free gifts or special promotion at our website.
  • We reserved our rights to amend the wholesales conditions from time to time
  • For those are interested to become our agent do email us at (title - wholesales)

batch 17 now open until 28 sept 2010 (closing date)

Batch 17
status: open
closing: 28 sept 2010
Estimated Arrival: 14 October 2010

Stocks may arrive over the estimate time, cause of suppliers delay shipment, custom detain for inspection logistic company delay public holiday, etc all this problem is uncontrollable by us. Please think twice before make order if you cant accept its.

*Customers paid after duedate will automatic add to next batch preorder. Example, Batch 17 due date is 28 September , you make order at 20 September make payment at 30 September, then u will add to next batch(Batch 18).

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Batch 16: closing 10/8/10. PROMOTN buy 2pcs n above get a free gift. 


# we will not receive any pre-orders after batch 16 . we will continue batch 17 after raya.

# after 10/8/10 - 14/9/10 we will only take orders for ready stock.

p/s : only serious buyers will be entertain.pls dunnot waste our time n ur time..


Monday, June 7, 2010

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Friday, May 28, 2010

♥ Special Announcement ♥

There will be 2 batch every month.

Every Month
1st batch ends : 14th (The item's arrival will be before end of the month)
2nd batch ends : 30th (The item's arrival will be around early of the next month)

Estimated date of arrival: 1 – 2WEEKS after closing date 

** if we late money back guarantee **