How To Pay

(1) Online Fund Transfer

Maybank: 154129007308 - NORFAZZILAH BINTI MOHD YUNUS

Cimb: 04060074205527 - norfazzilah binti mohd yunus

(2) By Cash Deposit Machine:

You may bank in extra money due to the reason that the machine cannot accept small notes like RM1, RM2 and RM5. Based on the Amount Banked In: informed, we will automatically arrange to refund the balance in the parcel or refund at your account or save as credit.

Inform us on the same day of your payment


0176371494 – amna (strictly for SMS only)

0122379148 - fazz (strictly for SMS only)

Text the following information after bank in

Full Name
Reference Number
Date of Transaction
Time of Transaction
Total Amount

*** Friendly Reminder: Once payment done, please be responsible to keep the payment details e.g reference# or receipt for proof of payment (if requested)